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Since 3 generations we serve the best quality and several types of furniture to you. We work in a collaboration with Turkish producers, however, the main part of wood furniture is produced by our family members in our hometown.

A professional team dries lumbers of the most valuable and rare tree species in the world.

The atelier we work has made the first solar energy kiln of Turkey and achieved to

dry lumbers with high quality, and minimum cracking problem. In order to manufacture

good quality natural wood furniture, the company is using cedar, juniper, walnut,

ash and iroko and mazel burl species which are durable and have beautiful textures.

100 % natural wood oil is used on the surfaces of our furniture which is the best oil

in the world. With this oil, you can feel the natural texture of the product, its water

resistance and also durability against the heat up to 100 C.

Why Us ?

We are based on family producer,  Our team selects the best quality woods for natural wood furniture production. Only

the numbers of trees cut down in the right season are used to reach maximum quality.

While using the steam kiln, their water, worms, larvas, and insects are removed.

After the steamed lumbers are kept in the warehouse until their moisture content

(MC) is below %8. The furniture is made by lumbers which are not well kiln dried

will have cracking, rotting, won’t give a beautiful finishing. Therefore, the well dry

system without rushing is important.

%100 natural best oil of the world is used. Any chemical finishing which is harmful to

health is not used. The finishing oil used increases water resistance of the furniture.

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